Why blog

I thought about writing a blog when i embarked on my first Ultra,  thinking it would be a great way to log my journey to the crazy distance i was contemplating.  But life, inevitably got in the way as it has on so many other occasions.

The day before that first Ultra, one of the mums at school, a regular half marathoner, turned to me and said “38 miles mate, that’s an awfully long way”.  As I stood on the start line, her words kept going through my mind and panic set in.  Throughout the race I hardly said a word to another runner or volunteer, I was so overwhelmed by the whole thing.  But I was first female that day, and 4th overall and now, looking back I wish that I had noted down how the training had gone and how the race had felt.  I also realised that I had joined a very special community and, if i carried on being the mute runner then I was going to miss out on the best bits.

Training miles have now started to mount up and i’ve got a few races under my belt.  I wish I had started noting it all down.  Then the SD100 happened, a magic weekend full of magical people, many of whom have posted their blog write ups which i have devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.  So the time has come to overcome the technical Everest which is the interweb and get writing……

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