School holidays Week One

Training during the school holidays isn’t easy; kids are around when you are used to them being in school, the house is a constant conveyer belt of kids dropping stuff, you tidying, they constantly need feeding and you feel more shattered than normal because kids are tiring.

I adore my kids, I love the fact that they are fit and active, but they are like big spaniels; need lots of cuddles and tonnes of exercise. In fact I largely have to run them into the ground every day which involves being outdoors at various parks, National Trust places, bike rides etc. This is all fabulous and it’s exactly what I want for my kids but (rather selfishly) it limits my running time and I really need to get training planned or else ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘can’t quite be arsed’ will kick in and I wont get out.

This week has been good, luckily I’m a morning person and I love the summer daybreak so a 0530 start on Monday morning to get out running before Supportive Husband leaves for work wasn’t too much of a hardship. I had messed around trying out a new energy bar which I ate before I headed out which was ok and I had loads of energy out there.
Tues, I went out with my local athletics club who I haven’t run with before. Fab bunch of people but 7 x half mile fast reps on hard concrete really hurt my hurty hamstring so I’m not convinced it’s a long term option as I think I will struggle to keep that kind of inflammation down if I do it week in, week out.
Weds I completed a tabata session which I’ve laid out below. Easy to run a warm up loop around the block before Husband left and then into the garden for the session. Tabata is a HIIT workout designed by Dr Izumi Tabata and is designed to improve both the aerobic and anaerobic systems as well as strengthen the muscle groups each exercise is aimed at. I have run this session with a couple of my Bootcamps so I know that it’s a short but effective work out.

Each set is 20 seconds hard work followed by 10 seconds rest repeated for a total of four mins. Google tells me that I should have a Tabata timer to help me keep track of the time but I found that the second hand on my kitchen clock and a stop watch timing the four mins worked for me.
I did the following exercises because they didn’t affect my, still hurty hamstring and were a decent all over session (photos by my 8 year old, hence the slightly shaky focus).

Squat and press using a kettlebell.

Mountain climbers

Jump squats



Single leg squat

Leg slides

Shoulder taps


By Friday I was feeling pretty strong but hurty hamstring stopped me running so an hour on the turbo trainer was great. Four reps of 4 mins temp, 2.30 mins hill reps.

So lots of interval training this week, easier way of training when time is an issue. The aim for the school holidays is to keep on top of my fitness and come out still feeling strong in Sept

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