School Holidays Week Two

Monday. After a pretty mad weekend crewing for my amazing husband on Trailwalker we were all pretty shattered. I’ve always appreciated the hard work that CP crews put on on Ultras but on TW teams take their own CP crew around with them; it’s hard work but really rewarding to see folk you love and admire succeeding due to hard work and a few jelly babies given to them by you. But arriving home at 0200hrs after a 0430hrs start took its toll so it was nice on Monday just to go for a gentle 5 miler.
Tues was a busy day with the kids so I got up early for a bike session on the turbo. When I’m stuck for time, interval training is generally the answer. 16 x 1 min reps with 1 min recovery between each was a great session, quite tough but easy to fit in early in the morning.
On Wednesday I had planned some compulsory fun for the whole family out at a NT property, clearly an excuse to get the kids out running about and to get myself out too. Ideally I would have liked to have had a nice long, steady 8 miler but rain was forecast and I knew that the family wouldn’t want too long running around in the rain so I settled on another interval session; 8 x reps up and down some cheeky steps which I had seen on a previous visit.

High Intensity training is exactly that, high intensity and requires 48 hours of recovery. I know that and knew that yet another interval session isn’t what I needed but, it fitted into the day and that’s what training through the school holidays is all about. My mantra of ‘Any movement is good movement’ is relevant at times like this. I definitely wasn’t working as hard as I should have been, yet I was working as hard as my legs would let me. It’s symptomatic of doing too much at the hard end of the spectrum and not going properly easy on the easy runs; it’s the reason that I wear a HR monitor (when the blinking battery hasn’t run out of the belt). So it wasn’t the session I should have done but it was a session none the less and one which I had wanted to do when I had first seen those steps so I felt ok about it all.

By Friday, my hurty hamstring was aching. Still kicking myself for not stopping half way through the interval session with the athletics club last week so Friday was stretching, meagre attempts at yoga and a bit more stretching.
But week two done. I’ve managed another week of maintaining my fitness and had some fabulous fun with the kids, I’m a pretty lucky person.
Plans for next week; holiday with the family, a fair amount of red wine and some gentle trails.

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