My hunt for the perfect running skirt

There is nothing wrong with my running shorts, nothing at all. I’ve had them for years, no rubs, no issues at all, which is why I’m confused as to why Supportive Husband is so rude about them. On reflection, it’s a bit odd that, someone who runs as much as I do only owns one pair of shorts. No Supportive Husband, I didn’t buy them in the 1980’s, erm it might have been the 1990’s and yes, that is quite a long time ago. Okay, hint taken, I need something else and I’ve noticed, even through my untrendy fog, that running skirts seem to be in. So the quest for a decent skort began.

I started with reviews; where better than Run Ultra on this report the Kalenji shorts rode up and became pants, the Pategonia looked good but again the shorts were said to be more like pants. I liked the look of the Odlo and at 50 quid was manageable. The Salomon S-lab looked to have shorts which were way too long and for £120 I want it to be refilling my water bladder for me at check points. So from that lot, the Odlo looked great and was on the list.

Mountain Training Academy told me that the Lulemon Pace Setter skirt and the Moving Comfort Momentum skort also had shorts which rode up. I knew that this small thing would annoy me over the long milage of an ultra. The Sugio Verve long skirt looked, well, long.

So with all of this information out there I decided that the best course of action was to do nothing at all and so went into the SDW100 in my old shorts, which I had suddenly noticed now had a hole in them. It turns out that this was not such a bad course of action, as I ran next to someone wearing just the skirt I was looking for. The North Face Better Than Naked skirt.
The week after the race I bought one and it’s great. The measurements given are a bit out, I should have gone for a smaller size but it is still extremely comfortable and is perhaps better for not being too tight. The shorts stay exactly where they should be and the skirt around feels light and not at all restrictive. In the rain, the skirt doesn’t cling to me and dries in no time whilst out on the trail. It also feels fine to wear in the gym where I am as comfortable on the spinning bike as I am in the cross fit room.

I would love to say that I’ve tried out lots of running skorts but I haven’t, however, I have found one which I love and would recommend to anyone except Supportive Husband, he really hasn’t got the legs.